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MMCS2019: Facing Novel Challenges in Drug Discovery

On May 15–17, 2019, the journal Molecules organized its second Symposium of Medicinal Chemistry “Facing Novel Challenges in Drug Discovery” in Barcelona. It was a three-day event, with more than 180 attendees from 36 countries. The symposium, chaired by Professor Diego Mu?oz-Torrero and Professor F Javier Luque, brought together renowned experts from all around the […]

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Wrap-Up of the Fourth Basel Sustainability Forum: Health (BSF 2019), 3 June 2019, University of Basel

The Fourth Basel Sustainability Forum: Health (BSF 2019) took place in the Aula of the Kollegienhaus of the University of Basel, Switzerland, on 3 June 2019. The forum kicked off with opening statements by three young climate activists from the Klimastreikbewegung Basel, reminding everyone that there is no alternative to climate action but to act […]

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Designing a Sustainable Future – An Interview with Max Bergman

Prof. Dr. Max Bergman seeks answers to key questions on the challenges set out by the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). He is one of the Chairs of the 8th World Sustainability Forum (WSF) that will take place 14–19 September 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland. The WSF is an event that “encourages participants to go beyond […]

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Decoding Genomes of Small Species Using a Reduced Amount of DNA and Less Time

This is thanks to a new sequencing workflow presented in a recently published paper in Genes which removes some steps from traditional sequencing, and this results to a smaller loss of DNA. Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute (University of Cambridge), and Pacific Biosciences have read the whole genetic code of a single tiny mosquito […]

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Did you know that the environment can interact with our genes?

The perinatal environment influences brain development and lifelong function, as well as somatic and mental health outcomes according to a recently published paper in Genes Slightly strange but true, the environment can interact with our genes. This is the main conclusion of a recently published paper in Genes in which the authors, researchers at the […]

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The links between mortality, and red and processed meat consumption

The highest intakes of red and processed meat are associated with an 18–51% higher risk of all-cause mortality compared to zero-intake according to a recently published paper in Nutrients. Over the last fifty years, global meat consumption has increased across the world. In the United States, for instance, red meat is the most commonly consumed […]

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